Visual identity

International NGO

Recognised as a public utility and member of the Charter Committee, SOS Sahel works to improve the living conditions of populations in the centre of Africa.
The NGO is strengthening its positions by rethinking and updating all its communication tools and its image. ComNext was selected to help it with this change of identity on the worldwide stage. It now boasts a new and stronger image, which asserts its values of solidarity, commitment and expertise. After establishing the company’s new identity and graphic charter, ComNext redesigned the communication tools to boost the impact of the NGO’s messages to its donors and partners

Isothermal and refrigerant packaging

Sofrigam designs, tests and qualifies industrial isothermal and refrigerant packaging for the transport of temperature-sensitive products. The company appointed ComNext to create its new graphic identity, intended to promote a new international drive within the company. The logo and charter were designed in a highly competitive context and deployed across print and digital advertising campaigns.

Oil and gas engineering group

Oil and gas engineering group Heurtey Petrochem wanted to unite its 13 subsidiaries through a new identity and website for the Group. ComNext joined the 2 sites to advance the brand and give it a more corporate and modern spin. By incorporating its international publicity visual, Heurtey raised its status a notch and began to speak more uniformly. Understated yet creative, the logo and website in particular reflect the image of a French company that appreciates that innovation is not just about technology.