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Profluid Infos, a new template designed by ComNext


A newspaper containing the press codes in terms of format, frequency and level.  A newspaper offering the reader an active approach if they are interested in the subject, via an email link from the expert in question.  All these features convinced Profluid, the French association of pumps and agitators, valves and compressors to select ComNext to produce the new version of its newspaper.

ComNext for Véolia Habitat Services

veolia_actu_1The new commercial arm of the Veolia Environnement Group is becoming increasingly more established and active in the service and utility sector with its current popular appeal. This new brand is the result of uniting subsidiaries like Proxiserve (technical service solutions for the maintenance of heating/water distribution systems in public residential areas) and Proxitherm (household heating specialists). ComNext devised new internal communication charters as well as strategies to highlight a new generation of energy offers (EnR, Conso Eco, Telereleve…). The aim? To create new advertising for the brand that takes into account the specific character of the company and boosts internal cohesion in line with today’s recently united front.

ComNext for Proxiserve Group


Our Agency solved three internal communication problems. The Proxiserve Group (a subsidiary of Veolia Environnement) wanted to strengthen its internal communication systems to support and nurture its human resources at all costs.
And so Proximedia was born: a quarterly magazine sent to 3,000 employees to remind every staff member of the importance of communicating, sharing and spreading information as the recipe for a highly performance-orientated company. The plan is for the a in Proximedia to be turned into @ as info should also be spread on the intranet.
Siebel: a new CRM tool to help with the Group’s business activities. Here too, the people who have the best things to say about this tool are those who use it. Our Agency recommended that the 5 staff members who had tested and approved the product should be the ones to talk about it. That is how Evidence x 5 headlined this internal campaign to pass the message on from one professional to another and to gently change work habits.
‘Our benefits are moving forwards!’ – a slogan that summarises the spirit of the Group. Agreements made and benefits actioned must be broadcasted far and wide. A 35 hour working week, bonus months and EC developments mean that our Agency already has the Group’s disability policies in hand. Not a problem because a charter covering every key social issue already exists. Posters, flyers and letters are the main means of communication.