Marketing services

ComNext designs the Bernard Controls web app


Bernard Controls is a leading international group of French origin that designs and produces servomotors used to control sluice gates. As leaders they are obliged to be innovative at all levels, including in marketing.
ComNext suggested using a web app for a new take on the search process for servomotors which had until now been fairly complex, even for enlightened sales engineers. We came up with the GPS Actuator application that provides users with a safe and expert aid giving a step-by-step guide to finding just the right solution. Combined with a paper document, which is in fact a simple user guide for the application, Bernard Controls has revolutionised assistance in decision making, while conveying the powerful image of an innovative group that rightly deserves its partner status.

To create its first Guide, the CNVVF has chosen ComNext


Embarking on an innovative process to change their labelling system and modernise their communication tools, CNVVF is entering a new phase with the creation of a guide for members of the jury.

ComNext has created an informative tool to help harmonise the ratings, explained at a lively pace and easy access to the information.

ComNext for Ernst & Young


Having celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the Entrepreneur of the Year award with a book to mark the event that included comments by the winners, Ernst & Young entrusted ComNext to bring a new graphic design twist to the table.
The search for new candidates as well as an introduction to the winners of Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 and an exploration of what makes them tick will be undertaken as part of a new creative design charter.
The brand’s advertising model will be aptly complemented by ingenious, low key graphic design (as you would expect) with a single yellow dot in a sea of grey dots subtly implying the search for ‘the one in a million’.
It is from this creative standpoint that the whole strategy has been based, including the full complement of publications, video and web tools.

ComNext for Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions

airLiquideAff_GECSFollowing a successful venture involving the production of its internal news source (French websites), ComNext became the company’s partner for the provision of its Global Internal Communication resource by creating the following tools:
– educational info to spread recommended ‘good practice’,
– general summary of what is meant by ‘safety’,
– a conduit for sharing the latest innovations,
– a conduit for spreading the values underlying the new resource
This collaboration has been facilitated by creativity, responsiveness and by listening to the client’s needs.


ComNext for Mercer

mercerIncentiveMercer France organises annual incentives for its consultants (320 skilled professions). In 2012 Mercer France called upon the services of ComNext to launch its in-house competition. We brainstormed to find a theme in line with the operation’s objectives, selected a name, created visuals and finalised the prize for participants. The company came back for more and our Agency is repeating the venture in 2013.

ComNext for VDR

vdr_actusIn 2012 VDR celebrated its 15th anniversary. ComNext helped the brand reposition itself in the market place and rejig the expansion of its operational processes. Our Agency is currently working on creating VDR’s new visual identity as well as putting a new spin on all the company’s communication tools.
In the pipeline: graphic charter, sales brochures, website, mail outs, and press releases.

ComNext for Sofrigam

Sofrigam designs, tests and qualifies isothermal and refrigerated packaging solutions for transporting heat-sensitive products.Sofrigam entrusted ComNext with the production of a film to showcase the advantages of specialised packaging for transporting large quantities of vaccines by air.

ComNext for Ivalis

ComNext produced a one and a half minute introductory film to immerse the audience in the daily life of a relatively unknown field but one that is of great benefit in the world of distribution. For the film 100 extras (real inventory professionals) turned themselves into superheroes for the duration of a night. Modernity ruled and the principle of a heightened reality revealed the depth and meticulousness of an inventory process where every movement is planned down to the millimetre. Filmed in 7 languages this film is the springboard for a large-scale promotion of Ivalis savoir-faire. ComNext is happy to have helped provide the brand with a great vision of its profession whilst boosting a feeling of admiration amongst employees and members of the public.