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ComNext designs the new website for Segula Technologies


Segula Technologies, the International engineering and consultancy group in high-tech innovation wished to give its sites (corporate and international subsidiaries) a dimension and status more in phase with its modern ambitions and strong current growth.

ComNext, the agency chosen by Segula Technologies, who already worked on their print creation strategy, has now done the web design. By incorporating the targets of stronger compliance with regulations and greater accessibility, Segula allows visitors to its website to browse in a clear and innovative environment that conveys its values of proximity.

A large section is also dedicated to the coherence of its subsidiaries which are now more closely linked to and recognised by the Corporate website. We have not ignored the human side, which is at the heart of Segula Technologies strategy, as we have set up intelligent gateways to the social networks. The graphic concept of a woven web that moves yet lends structure, represents the complex network of companies, sectors and technologies in which the Group works.

The general look gives the Group a younger look, the new breath of life it needs to conquer new countries and new markets. The architecture and development side of the project was conducted in partnership with Wharf.


ComNext for Segula Technologies

segulaAffActus2Segula was seeking a unifying marketing concept with a compelling identity. It was important for engineers (2,500 recruited annually) and industrial clients to recognise themselves in a brand that values human beings and their performance and to blend this passion with the company mission. It was from this original theory that the concept of Expert2Expert was born; the ‘2’ linking the key parties concerned (Segula collaborators and Industrialists) and representing the first letter in Segula… reflected in a mirror. Simple ideas are often the best – and ComNext believes that wholeheartedly. Therein lies the challenge.