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Cafés Richard, a key, long-standing player in the roasting and distribution of coffee in France and abroad, has appointed ComNext to produce several videos.

Aimed at hospitality professionals, the objective is to highlight the brand’s expertise, knowledge and values. ComNext designed a strong concept, making the baristas central to the videos in order to convey Cafés Richard’s technical expertise and its capacity for creation and innovation. Like a saga, the films feature the same visual codes and a jingle at the beginning and end to strengthen the brand’s impact.



The leading coffee roaster in France in the professional hospitality sector, Cafés Richard wanted to equip its sales force with prospecting tools to broaden its customer base. The brand chose expertise and quality by appointing ComNext to develop its sales tools.

With French and international hotels as separate target markets, the ComNext teams designed bespoke brochures effectively presenting the brand’s universe and its products. From shooting video to writing editorial, ComNext has given the brand a strong, inspiring and innovative image.



The new Yaki catalogue produced by ComNext


The new YAKI catalogue, the international distributor of LED lights for signs is a ComNext creation. This edition continues to contribute to the image development of the distributor which must offer a quality service level that matches its ability to select the best products. The solution to this inescapable chemistry is now found in a catalogue, which, more than ever, must act as a Guide.

ComNext sheds light on YakiLight marketing


Yaki the specialist signage lighting distributors are expanding their offer into the more comprehensive lighting market. At the moment lighting engineers, architects and designers are the main focus for the brand. ComNext is helping the group and its new entity YakiLight to develop their positioning (still as LED lighting solution super-specialists) and offer. The market is competitive, so how do you find the right place and pitch? YakiLight is more than just a distributor, it sees itself as a provider of lighting solutions and as such brings innovative options and recommendations to the table. The company profile and catalogues were the first elements to be designed for this new company to take shape.

ComNext creates an identity for Pulsaï

pulsai-identite_actuAs exclusive reps for Indian designer Mukul Goyal in Europe, Pulsaï selects and imports luxury objects and items for the home/office. The company is particularly focused on capturing markets in French and German speaking countries. ComNext devised Pulsaï’s global identity starting off with the logo and graphic charter and then moving on to the website: and press packs etc. All these different factors unite to convey an image that is design and quality orientated.

‘Consume French’ Rey paper advertising devised by ComNext


ComNext was entrusted by the International Paper group to expand the reputation of Rey papers, a hundred-year old French brand. So we created an advertising campaign based on the concept of environmentally friendly paper that was 100% made in France. Clear, innovative and forward-looking visuals that promoted the buying of paper as a green and socially responsible activity.

ComNext for Ivalis

ComNext produced a one and a half minute introductory film to immerse the audience in the daily life of a relatively unknown field but one that is of great benefit in the world of distribution. For the film 100 extras (real inventory professionals) turned themselves into superheroes for the duration of a night. Modernity ruled and the principle of a heightened reality revealed the depth and meticulousness of an inventory process where every movement is planned down to the millimetre. Filmed in 7 languages this film is the springboard for a large-scale promotion of Ivalis savoir-faire. ComNext is happy to have helped provide the brand with a great vision of its profession whilst boosting a feeling of admiration amongst employees and members of the public.

ComNext for Ivalis


Ivalis entrusted ComNext with its operational marketing proposals. Year 1 included direct marketing initiatives to bring on board new brands from the retail sector.
The agency decided to focus on productivity. Starting off from the concrete premise that retailers hate seeing their security shutters down during the inventory process, ComNext turned the tables with the tagline ‘Open for Ivalis’ – thus making customers aware that trading continues as normal despite the inventory period. This ingenious twist was used in all advertising support materials as well as in a video. To validate its leadership further Ivalis signed off its campaigns with a new claim: ‘inventories are our department’ …. neatly connecting with ComNext’s effective advertising initiatives.

ComNext for Damart

damard_RA08-09_actu_1Damartex relied on us again for its 2008-2009 Annual Report.
This new report falls within an on-going graphic charter that chiefly aims to make Damart’s activities and performance results in France and abroad easier to read and clearer to understand. This Annual Report is published in French and English and is available in an on-paper version and as an e-print.

ComNext for Muraspec Buflon


Wall coverings are getting better!
This UK designer/manufacturer/distributor of wall coverings and decorative surfaces faced an ambitious challenge when it decided to:
• Reposition itself firmly in the health sector as a top brand,
• Radically update its image,
• Demonstrate that health sector demands for sanitised and technically advanced wall coverings is not at odds with a sense of decorative style. Staying on trend is pretty popular, so it’s practically a must!
Our Agency devised a brochure showcasing the range of wall coverings under the theme ‘Choose the best treatments for your walls’ – much to the delight of Muraspec Buflon France sales teams.

ComNext for Damart


Damartex assigned us with the job of producing its 2007-2008 Annual Report. The main objective was to provide a document that made the activities and performance of Damart in France both easier to read and to understand. ComNext’s solution echoed the brand’s innovative approach and technical capacity. The company’s Annual Report is published in French and English with on-paper and e-print versions.