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Indigo poster advertising with ComNext


Indigo (formerly Vinci Park) is present in over 500 cities worldwide and manages over 4,000 car parks.

As part of new operational organisation in France, Indigo used ComNext to produce a Clear Channel poster campaign and in the car parks. The campaign reaffirms Indigo’s commitments to its customers and is structured around the company’s 4 pillars: cleanliness, security, maintenance and customer service.

The Agency designed, wrote and produced the campaign which included memorable photo shoots in a car park. on TF1 with ComNext is one of the leading French financial portals for life insurance and savings with over 26,000 customers.

ComNext has supported this advertiser with its positioning and media buying for over 15 years. This month, the website has raised its profile by sponsoring the French prime time television programme “Nos Chers Voisins” on TF1.

BPD Marignan poster advertising with ComNext


In 2016, BPD Marignan’s animated greetings card on YouTube launched the developer’s branding campaign based on the theme of fluidity and proximity. ComNext was selected to consider the development of the brand’s communication territory for a broad media coverage in the weekly and property press as well as urban advertising panels in major French cities.

However, the project to increase the strength and visibility of this outsider does not stop there, ComNext intends to continue its strategic support over future campaigns visible in the second half of 2016.

Green-Acres on TF1 this summer with ComNext

sponsoring_green-acres_tf1_actuGreen-Acres is renewing its collaboration with TF1 this summer by backing the show ‘Our dear neighbours.’ Over 32 million contacts over a 15 day period during the prime-time slot of 8.40 pm and all at a favourable rate. Peak visibility for Green-Acres expertly steered and negotiated by ComNext.

‘Consume French’ Rey paper advertising devised by ComNext


ComNext was entrusted by the International Paper group to expand the reputation of Rey papers, a hundred-year old French brand. So we created an advertising campaign based on the concept of environmentally friendly paper that was 100% made in France. Clear, innovative and forward-looking visuals that promoted the buying of paper as a green and socially responsible activity.

ComNext for Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions

airLiquideAff_GECSFollowing a successful venture involving the production of its internal news source (French websites), ComNext became the company’s partner for the provision of its Global Internal Communication resource by creating the following tools:
– educational info to spread recommended ‘good practice’,
– general summary of what is meant by ‘safety’,
– a conduit for sharing the latest innovations,
– a conduit for spreading the values underlying the new resource
This collaboration has been facilitated by creativity, responsiveness and by listening to the client’s needs.


ComNext for Green-Acres

In January, Green-Acres boosted its profile by linking the brand to the successful series Nos chers voisins (Our dear neighbours) on TF1. This prime time programme focuses on neighbours living in the same block of flats and their interactions as they bump into each other on the landings or in the lift – families with kids, singles, roomies, party animals, grumpy old men etc. By doing this the company’s name has ended up been seen by an average audience of 6 million at the beginning and end of this now cult series. ComNext provided the consultancy media buying service and nailed these prime spots.

ComNext for VDR

vdr_actusIn 2012 VDR celebrated its 15th anniversary. ComNext helped the brand reposition itself in the market place and rejig the expansion of its operational processes. Our Agency is currently working on creating VDR’s new visual identity as well as putting a new spin on all the company’s communication tools.
In the pipeline: graphic charter, sales brochures, website, mail outs, and press releases.

ComNext for Segula Technologies

segulaAffActus2Segula was seeking a unifying marketing concept with a compelling identity. It was important for engineers (2,500 recruited annually) and industrial clients to recognise themselves in a brand that values human beings and their performance and to blend this passion with the company mission. It was from this original theory that the concept of Expert2Expert was born; the ‘2’ linking the key parties concerned (Segula collaborators and Industrialists) and representing the first letter in Segula… reflected in a mirror. Simple ideas are often the best – and ComNext believes that wholeheartedly. Therein lies the challenge.


ComNext for Mes-placements Liberté, one of the first French portals on the web with over 17,000 customers entrusted ComNext with the task of advertising its Mes-placementsLiberte life insurance policy. A design based on new generation life insurance emphasised the quality of the product that has had the best investment funds in Euros in the market place for the past three years and at the lowest cost. The media campaign centred on press, airport posters, online marketing and TV advertising on 4 national channels.

ComNext for Ivalis


Ivalis entrusted ComNext with its operational marketing proposals. Year 1 included direct marketing initiatives to bring on board new brands from the retail sector.
The agency decided to focus on productivity. Starting off from the concrete premise that retailers hate seeing their security shutters down during the inventory process, ComNext turned the tables with the tagline ‘Open for Ivalis’ – thus making customers aware that trading continues as normal despite the inventory period. This ingenious twist was used in all advertising support materials as well as in a video. To validate its leadership further Ivalis signed off its campaigns with a new claim: ‘inventories are our department’ …. neatly connecting with ComNext’s effective advertising initiatives.

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