For the 3rd Brain & Breakfast Conference edition, which took place September 26, 2017, ComNext found the subject that brings together:

It’s all change for successful presentations!

Pitch  |  managers’ address  |  face to face meetings

The most important thing is to get stuck in…

This new breakfast conference on pitching, storytelling and new solutions for face-to-face meetings was a great success. The 30 advertisers who attended this agency event were all motivated to hear BFM Academy reporter Eve Chegaray speak about crafting a Pitch.

They were also able to discover the new presentation solution for tablets already being used by thousands of salespeople in France, as well as attending an augmented reality and immersive tour demonstration, encouraging them to embrace digital innovation.

Drawing upon examples from the 5,000 pitches she has already helped craft, Eve Chegaray was able to convince all the communication and marketing managers present. Genuinely impactful speaking takes work – practice makes perfect... But before that, you have to get stuck in!

Enter the world of storytelling!

At a time when we spend 40% of our day-to-day professional lives influencing and trying to convince our bosses, teams and partners, this conference was certainly called for. The guests were thrown into the subject with a video of Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft – a motivating beginning before our consultant unveiled the main techniques for effective storytelling.
Discover 3 methods of telling a great story, along with our reading tips.
Take part in our competition with the elevator pitch.

The elevator pitch

How do you present yourself to a stranger in less than 90 seconds and start up a conversation?
This document contains our advice and, above all, a template to fill in to win a box of assorted Edwart chocolates.

Storytelling Hollywood style

How can you tell your stories using the same methods as the big studios?
Find out what Gustave Freytag and Joseph Campbell’s advice.

The 10 | 20 | 30 rule

Follow Guy Kawasaki’s advice. 3 steps to make your presentations more impactful and really bring out their value.

New presentation solutions

Touch& Sell’s Customer Success Manager Cynthia Rebeiz presented the face-to-face presentation solution for tablets.

The audience discovered that there are new tools bringing marketing and sales managers closer together. And that nearly 5,000 salespeople already use these every day in prospecting and customer management.

Download our White Paper ‘Leveraging Tablets for Commercial Performance’ along with ComNext client case studies (Thales, Cafés Richard, Canal+).

Augmented reality: a game changer!

The conference concluded with two live demonstrations by Tailora’s Bastien Schultz on the impact of augmented reality and virtual reality:

• an immersive tour of a real estate project to assist with its sales and marketing.

• a presentation of complex industrial machine tools and their usage scenarios (impact of videos and animation).

If you’d like to see how these technologies can help you present and market your projects:

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