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ComNext for IFRI



An extraordinary and uniquely ambitious event!
Ifri and the Polish Embassy in France decided to entrust ComNext with designing the graphic identity for their conference entitled ‘Poland, the model for transition from communism, 20 years later’ attended by leading lights like Lech Walesa, Wojciech Jaruzelski, Tadeusz Mazowiecki and Hubert Vedrine, to name but a few. Our Agency was called upon to give the event extra punch.

ComNext for Adetem


Adetem is changing the format of its National Marketing day by turning it from a one day to a two day event. ComNext is helping to advertise this transformation by prioritising the ‘National Marketing Day’ brand.

ComNext for Irish Tourist Board

irlande_actu_1Get your ‘green’ classes ready from the start of term!
Every year the Irish Tourist Board promotes Ireland as a school trip destination to teachers.
ComNext won the task of creating their 2009-2010 brochure thanks to a design that was right in line with their new charter.

ComNext for Muraspec Buflon


Wall coverings are getting better!
This UK designer/manufacturer/distributor of wall coverings and decorative surfaces faced an ambitious challenge when it decided to:
• Reposition itself firmly in the health sector as a top brand,
• Radically update its image,
• Demonstrate that health sector demands for sanitised and technically advanced wall coverings is not at odds with a sense of decorative style. Staying on trend is pretty popular, so it’s practically a must!
Our Agency devised a brochure showcasing the range of wall coverings under the theme ‘Choose the best treatments for your walls’ – much to the delight of Muraspec Buflon France sales teams.

ComNext for GEP


GEP wanted to add a new dimension to its Innovation Award with a presentation pamphlet.
ComNext was required to respond to the initial request and anticipate future requirements by creating a key visual that was integrated in a graphic marketing plan being devised by the Agency.
The upshot was a 4 page pamphlet with a modified flat plan for a ‘real cover page’ with details advertising the Award and practical information given inside.
The design of the key visual also enabled the Agency to meet an unexpected need: spin-off advertising.

ComNext for Proxiserve Group


Our Agency solved three internal communication problems. The Proxiserve Group (a subsidiary of Veolia Environnement) wanted to strengthen its internal communication systems to support and nurture its human resources at all costs.
And so Proximedia was born: a quarterly magazine sent to 3,000 employees to remind every staff member of the importance of communicating, sharing and spreading information as the recipe for a highly performance-orientated company. The plan is for the a in Proximedia to be turned into @ as info should also be spread on the intranet.
Siebel: a new CRM tool to help with the Group’s business activities. Here too, the people who have the best things to say about this tool are those who use it. Our Agency recommended that the 5 staff members who had tested and approved the product should be the ones to talk about it. That is how Evidence x 5 headlined this internal campaign to pass the message on from one professional to another and to gently change work habits.
‘Our benefits are moving forwards!’ – a slogan that summarises the spirit of the Group. Agreements made and benefits actioned must be broadcasted far and wide. A 35 hour working week, bonus months and EC developments mean that our Agency already has the Group’s disability policies in hand. Not a problem because a charter covering every key social issue already exists. Posters, flyers and letters are the main means of communication.

ComNext for Bouygues Telecom


Launched in 1994 Bouygues Telecom has 9.6 million customers including 7.2 million customers on contracts. The company’s goal is to ‘become the leading personal communication provider’ by providing quality service at all levels for its customers.
Two advertising campaigns were organised by Agency for the company and for the Bouygues Telecom Club Network of stores entitled ‘100% Refund’ and ‘Spring Madness Offers’ respectively. These two campaigns were promoted in the media, on posters, as store POS material and at interactive kiosks.

ComNext for Heurtey Petrochem


A press campaign that sets the tone with a strongly identifiable appeal focusing on the company’s international status and the brand’s ambitious marketing plans.
The key visual is based on a mirror effect. This reflection technique will make it easy for the company to reveal a variety of different advantages and brand statements in upcoming support material outlined in its marketing plan.


ComNext for Damart


Damartex assigned us with the job of producing its 2007-2008 Annual Report. The main objective was to provide a document that made the activities and performance of Damart in France both easier to read and to understand. ComNext’s solution echoed the brand’s innovative approach and technical capacity. The company’s Annual Report is published in French and English with on-paper and e-print versions.