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ComNext for Segula Technologies

segulaAffActus2Segula was seeking a unifying marketing concept with a compelling identity. It was important for engineers (2,500 recruited annually) and industrial clients to recognise themselves in a brand that values human beings and their performance and to blend this passion with the company mission. It was from this original theory that the concept of Expert2Expert was born; the ‘2’ linking the key parties concerned (Segula collaborators and Industrialists) and representing the first letter in Segula… reflected in a mirror. Simple ideas are often the best – and ComNext believes that wholeheartedly. Therein lies the challenge.


ComNext for Barry Callebaut



Barry Callebaut, world leaders in the manufacture of high quality cocoa and chocolate products appointed ComNext to design brochures for the Cacao Barry brand. Aimed at chocolate specialists (chocolate craftsmen, pastry chefs, bakeries) these brochures invite ambassadors like MOF award winner and Master Chocolate maker and celebrated pastry chef Arnaud Larher to share details of his personal story and news of new creations for the Christmas festivities.



ComNext for Sofrigam

Sofrigam designs, tests and qualifies isothermal and refrigerated packaging solutions for transporting heat-sensitive products.Sofrigam entrusted ComNext with the production of a film to showcase the advantages of specialised packaging for transporting large quantities of vaccines by air.

ComNext for Mes-placements Liberté, one of the first French portals on the web with over 17,000 customers entrusted ComNext with the task of advertising its Mes-placementsLiberte life insurance policy. A design based on new generation life insurance emphasised the quality of the product that has had the best investment funds in Euros in the market place for the past three years and at the lowest cost. The media campaign centred on press, airport posters, online marketing and TV advertising on 4 national channels.

ComNext for Ivalis

ComNext produced a one and a half minute introductory film to immerse the audience in the daily life of a relatively unknown field but one that is of great benefit in the world of distribution. For the film 100 extras (real inventory professionals) turned themselves into superheroes for the duration of a night. Modernity ruled and the principle of a heightened reality revealed the depth and meticulousness of an inventory process where every movement is planned down to the millimetre. Filmed in 7 languages this film is the springboard for a large-scale promotion of Ivalis savoir-faire. ComNext is happy to have helped provide the brand with a great vision of its profession whilst boosting a feeling of admiration amongst employees and members of the public.

ComNext for Schroders

This British group with a history going back two centuries, Schroders is currently one of the leading asset management companies in the world. To boost its profile in France, ComNext introduced several marketing tools including sponsorship at BFM TV weather. Two films in 3D were produced.

ComNext for Véolia Habitat Services

veolia_actu_1The new commercial arm of the Veolia Environnement Group is becoming increasingly more established and active in the service and utility sector with its current popular appeal. This new brand is the result of uniting subsidiaries like Proxiserve (technical service solutions for the maintenance of heating/water distribution systems in public residential areas) and Proxitherm (household heating specialists). ComNext devised new internal communication charters as well as strategies to highlight a new generation of energy offers (EnR, Conso Eco, Telereleve…). The aim? To create new advertising for the brand that takes into account the specific character of the company and boosts internal cohesion in line with today’s recently united front.