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Bernard Controls: video 3.0 with ComNext

Bernard Controls, the International Group for actuator solutions, now has a corporate video reaffirming its command of the latest technologies and service science.  In full 3D, the Agency has illustrated the diversity and practicality of their solutions, their global and multi-sectoral presence and their leading role in the standardisation of this industry. This first video was needed to strengthen their basics. From this communication base, the Agency will build the future.

ComNext for Prosernat Platform game, yes but an oil platform

Prosernat, a subsidiary of the Institut Français du Pétrole and a specialist in gas treatment technologies, is a breath of fresh air…

The Agency is continuing its creative collaboration with a company that always uses its New Year wishes as a pretext to remind of its humanism, its simplicity and its humour, quite simply essential in times of crisis. So, why not try or once again appreciate the nostalgia of the 8-bit consoles and the charm of retro-gaming and follow the adventures of the daily heroes of this courageous and dynamic company.


In a world dominated by shades of grey, ComNext offers you a few touches of blue around a musical break.

Listen to the two ideologies of the Agency: the blue of the ethereal sky illustrating height and creativity and the blue of the deep seas for freshness and reflection. Savour this experience that will bring you pleasure and well-being throughout 2016.

Profluid Infos, a new template designed by ComNext


A newspaper containing the press codes in terms of format, frequency and level.  A newspaper offering the reader an active approach if they are interested in the subject, via an email link from the expert in question.  All these features convinced Profluid, the French association of pumps and agitators, valves and compressors to select ComNext to produce the new version of its newspaper.

White paper: Tablets for sales performance.


Help! The Marketing Director of my competitor has given his sales people tablets!

Is this Sales Director right to be afraid? The answer depends on what the competitor has done. It is important here to understand the keys to a successful digitalisation of the face-to-face sales process. There are crucial keys to becoming better than the competitor through the use of tablets. These keys are based on evidence; for the tablet to be a competitive advantage, the sales people must use them effectively. Successfully using a tablet as a sales tool is therefore related to its use and is not a technological issue. The fact that the Marketing Director, who is responsible for the image, identity and its content, is the source of the implementation of the tablets is therefore a sign that the competitor does indeed have usage in mind. In this white paper, you will discover the key principles that should guide you in the digitalisation of the face-to-face sales process.  To receive the white paper free of charge, please click here.


2014 Annual Report, a great result for ComNext!


CERIB, EARTO and Heurtey Petrochem join RCI Banque on the list of our clients who have been persuaded by ComNext’s editorial guidance, design and operational monitoring for this eminently strategic tool.

RCI Banque renews with ComNext for its 2014 Annual Report


A wholly-owned subsidiary of Renault SA, RCI Banque supports the strategic development of sales of the Renault-Nissan Alliance brands.  After a first successful collaboration, the agreement with ComNext was renewed for the creation of the entire 2014 financial communications tool including the annual report (French and English) and half-yearly statements.

A new Sage quiz created by ComNext


Sage’s Mid-Market team renewed its contract with ComNext by asking it to create the Sage FRP 1000 version 7 Quiz.  During the four stages of the Sage FRP 1000 version 7 Tour de France, the knowledge of the Sage partners participating in the event was tested using this new digital Quiz.  The Agency was responsible for producing the responsive web design, and developing the quiz and the back office allowing the random draw and the rules of the game.

Green Acres on British television with ComNext


The Green Acres property listing website is raising its profile with its British customers by sponsoring one of ITV’s flagship programmes: Give a Pet a Home. For 6 weeks in April and May 2015, Green Acres will appear on 8 advertising spots during the hour-long programme broadcast at 8.00pm.
Give a Pet a Home is a programme where English celebrities find a home for animals that need one. This programme is watched by over 3 million people every week.  The Agency was responsible for consultancy and media buying together with the production of the advert.
Green Acres’ objective, through this communication, is to strengthen its impact in Europe and promote international sales of second homes in France, Spain, Portugal, etc.