marketing services

Financial body

Every 2 months, Socrif promotes one of its offers: mortgage, car loan, debt consolidation, consumer loan, etc. ComNext supports Socrif by creating a domain specific to each operation: creation of a visual key across a leaflet, posters, landing website, etc. Each campaign is a challenge in terms of design/writing because the legal framework around credit is constantly changing for better consumer protection! These promotions are complemented by flash operations, emails, either on a one-off basis to boost certain offers, or scheduled throughout the year to stimulate and enhance business. Finally, to drive traffic to the agency and the website and broaden the database, occasional competitions are set up.

Technical Industrial Centres

The CTI (Technical Industrial Centres) Network's mission is to support companies with their innovations and prepare them to meet the major challenges of the industry of tomorrow. The network is made up of 18 CTIs, founded over 60 years ago by and for businesses. A key but relatively unknown player in the competitiveness of French industry, the CTI Network was exhibited to the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the Bérégovoy Hall, to pass on this message!
ComNext supported the CTI Network with this exhibition by defining the editorial approach based on success stories to illustrate both the direct benefits and the practical contribution of the CTI. ComNext also created and produced various media: posters, brochures... and helped with set up on D day. A first successful event!

Traditional French coffee roaster

Cafés Richard, a key, long-standing player in the roasting and distribution of coffee in France and abroad, appointed ComNext to produce several videos. Aimed at hospitality professionals, the objective is to highlight the brand’s expertise, knowledge and values. To do so, ComNext designed a strong concept, making the baristas central to the videos in order to convey the technical expertise and the capacity for creation and innovation of Cafés Richard Like a saga, the films feature the same visual codes and a jingle at the beginning and end to strengthen the brand’s impact.

Telephone operator

Launched in 1994, Bouygues Telecom’s goal is to ‘become the leading personal communication provider’ by providing advice, service and support for its customers. Many promotional communication campaigns have been created by the agency for the operator and for the Bouygues Telecom Club Network in the media, on posters, as store POS material, coupons and at interactive kiosks.