White paper: Tablets for sales performance.


Help! The Marketing Director of my competitor has given his sales people tablets!

Is this Sales Director right to be afraid? The answer depends on what the competitor has done. It is important here to understand the keys to a successful digitalisation of the face-to-face sales process. There are crucial keys to becoming better than the competitor through the use of tablets. These keys are based on evidence; for the tablet to be a competitive advantage, the sales people must use them effectively. Successfully using a tablet as a sales tool is therefore related to its use and is not a technological issue. The fact that the Marketing Director, who is responsible for the image, identity and its content, is the source of the implementation of the tablets is therefore a sign that the competitor does indeed have usage in mind. In this white paper, you will discover the key principles that should guide you in the digitalisation of the face-to-face sales process.  To receive the white paper free of charge, please click here.