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Comnext beautifies sodexo’s locations


Sodexo Sports & Leisure has chosen ComNext to redesign all of its communication materials for its most prestigious offers and locations: Lido, Bateaux Parisiens, Eiffel Tower restaurants, etc.

The Agency has rewritten, updated and standardised the company’s presentation documents in order to integrate them into Touch&Sell.

The Agency’s Touch&Sell application is used by Sodexo’s key account managers to present the sites in 4 languages.

comnext creates the leading website on liver diseases


The AFEF (Association Française pour l’Étude du Foie) asked the Agency to develop a brand-new website,, to raise awareness among the general public about the prevention and screening for liver disease. This modern and responsive website is the leading site on the topic with reliable, serious and complete information.

AFEF is the Société Française d’Hépatologie (French Hepatology Society), which brings together researchers and doctors specialising in hepatology. This state-approved organisation weighs in on recommendations for treating liver-related diseases.

Brain & breakfast 4: overview

Pour la 4eFor the 4th edition of our Brain & Breakfast series, ComNext launched the debate on:

New Annual Reporting challenges!

Jérôme Dutrieux,an executive coach, outlined the issues at stake for companies’ mission and purpose, in light of the recent findings of the Notat-Sénard report.

The participants at the event (major corporations, associations, communities) learned the benefits of the corporate search for meaning in order to maintain virtuous growth.

Elodie Kretz et Franck Chimot,co-founders of So Different, presented their benchmark study of Annual Reporting trends.

Finally, ComNext gave a 20 minute presentation on how companies can face new challenges in terms of design and distribution of print and digital media.

If you missed out on the event, click here to read the complete summaryand send us a message to make sure you receive an invitation for upcoming events!

The agency also hosts personalised catch-up sessions by appointment (contact :


See you soon!

Copacel chooses comnext for its 2017 annual report

Copacel, the trade union for French pulp, paper and cardboard companies, decided to entrust the Agency once again with its 2017 Annual Report. This support is dedicated to promoting the men and women who work in an industry that makes products that are an integral part of our daily lives!


Touch & Sell was invited to appear on BFM Business’ programme ‘Le Tête à Tête Décideurs’ on 21 June 2018 to speak about the advent of digital tools to boost salespeoples’ performances.

According to a study by SalesForce, 83% of Sales Managers use or plan to use personal connected devices in the next 2 years, proof that digital tools have become obligatory for businesses.
But what practical solutions can be implemented and how? What are the main trends to increase sales teams’ efficiency?

Discover all the benefits of a presentation app for tablets:


Rapport annuel Phitrust 2017

Phitrust Partenaires is a social investment company providing technical and financial support to small and medium-sized for-profit companies in Europe and West Africa that create a positive social and environmental impact. Phitrust Partenaires is a European Social Entrepreneurship Fund (EuSEF) with ‘Entreprise Solidaire’ accreditation and the Finansol label.

The company has once again entrusted the Agency with designing its 2017 annual report.


The World Nuclear Exhibition opens its doors today. To coincide with this exceptional event, Profluid, the French pumps, mixers, compressors and valves Association, has published a special edition of PROFLUID INFOS.
This edition gives the floor to its subscribers, whether or not they are attending the exhibition, bringing to the fore their scientific expertise in the nuclear sector.
ComNext supported its client in developing a layout to meet the specific needs of this special edition.
Wishing you an excellent exhibition!


Alliance Industrie du Futur selected ComNext to showcase the content of its ‘Osons l’Industrie’ portal, a collaborative project in partnership with the UIMM, IMT, Arts et Métiers ParisTech and ONISEP, all under the auspices of the CNI.


The aim of the portal is to provide information on the development of jobs, qualifications and skills in a rapidly changing industrial environment, responding to the requirements of the digital revolution and new technology. The targets are young people seeking careers guidance, along with active employees or individuals undergoing retraining.


To enhance the content, ComNext drew upon what was written, compiled, collected and produced by the working group on each of the 5 themes – Maintenance, Big Data, Management, Production, Logistics/Supply Chain – to:

1 – Select the information in order of priority: what content is relevant to the website? what about the presentation?…

2 – Popularise the messages and create a reading experience suitable for “uninitiated” targets, with the simple aim of making people want to learn and orientate or re-orientate their career paths with a focus on 1 of the 5 themes;

3 – Design an attractive presentation for the targets: defining an editorial structure, flatplan and graphic line for a first positive introduction to each theme;

4 – Create editorial and graphic coherence between each theme.


In working towards the final result, we supported Alliance Industrie du Futur with editorial and communication advice, writing the titles and rewriting the content where necessary, as well as the graphic design and layout. In addition to these various skills, there was also a project management requirement, exchanging ideas and discussing with the 5 ‘Osons l’Industrie’ partners before setting down content in writing.