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Comnext was also at the usine extraordinaire!

In late November 2018, the Grand Palais played host to L’Usine Extraordinaire, a life-size factory that aimed to give the industrial sector more modern image of a promising future to attract young talent. For this event, the Agency designed and produced 2 motion design animations and 2 testimonial videos in just 6 weeks! It was developed for “Osons l’Industrie”, a project led by Alliance Industrie du Futur, in collaboration with Onisep, UIMM, ITM and ENSAM, as part of a continuing collaboration that began in late 2017, where the Agency’s mission was to promote the occupations of Maintenance Technician & Production Line Worker.


The aim of the white paper is to highlight the expertise of Profluid, the pump, mixer, compressor and valve manufacturers’ association, and to defend the interests of its members.
ComNext has supported its client at all stages of producing this document: editorial advice, assistance with drafting and rewriting, creating the layout, formatting and printing this excellent publication.


Alliance Industrie du Futur selected ComNext to showcase the content of its ‘Osons l’Industrie’ portal, a collaborative project in partnership with the UIMM, IMT, Arts et Métiers ParisTech and ONISEP, all under the auspices of the CNI.


The aim of the portal is to provide information on the development of jobs, qualifications and skills in a rapidly changing industrial environment, responding to the requirements of the digital revolution and new technology. The targets are young people seeking careers guidance, along with active employees or individuals undergoing retraining.


To enhance the content, ComNext drew upon what was written, compiled, collected and produced by the working group on each of the 5 themes – Maintenance, Big Data, Management, Production, Logistics/Supply Chain – to:

1 – Select the information in order of priority: what content is relevant to the website? what about the presentation?…

2 – Popularise the messages and create a reading experience suitable for “uninitiated” targets, with the simple aim of making people want to learn and orientate or re-orientate their career paths with a focus on 1 of the 5 themes;

3 – Design an attractive presentation for the targets: defining an editorial structure, flatplan and graphic line for a first positive introduction to each theme;

4 – Create editorial and graphic coherence between each theme.


In working towards the final result, we supported Alliance Industrie du Futur with editorial and communication advice, writing the titles and rewriting the content where necessary, as well as the graphic design and layout. In addition to these various skills, there was also a project management requirement, exchanging ideas and discussing with the 5 ‘Osons l’Industrie’ partners before setting down content in writing.

Bernard Controls: video 3.0 with ComNext

Bernard Controls, the International Group for actuator solutions, now has a corporate video reaffirming its command of the latest technologies and service science.  In full 3D, the Agency has illustrated the diversity and practicality of their solutions, their global and multi-sectoral presence and their leading role in the standardisation of this industry. This first video was needed to strengthen their basics. From this communication base, the Agency will build the future.

ComNext for Prosernat Platform game, yes but an oil platform

Prosernat, a subsidiary of the Institut Français du Pétrole and a specialist in gas treatment technologies, is a breath of fresh air…

The Agency is continuing its creative collaboration with a company that always uses its New Year wishes as a pretext to remind of its humanism, its simplicity and its humour, quite simply essential in times of crisis. So, why not try or once again appreciate the nostalgia of the 8-bit consoles and the charm of retro-gaming and follow the adventures of the daily heroes of this courageous and dynamic company.

ComNext publishes Prosernat’s Technical Guides

A subsidiary of Heurtey Petrochem and IFPEN, Prosernat is successfully continuing its development as an adaptable company that puts people first. ComNext is supporting the company in its growth across several communication types (internal, corporate and operational). The new technical guide collections are regularly updated using a charter that is now recognisable and which is faithful to the brand’s claim: “We Process Your Energy”.

ComNext designs the Bernard Controls web app


Bernard Controls is a leading international group of French origin that designs and produces servomotors used to control sluice gates. As leaders they are obliged to be innovative at all levels, including in marketing.
ComNext suggested using a web app for a new take on the search process for servomotors which had until now been fairly complex, even for enlightened sales engineers. We came up with the GPS Actuator application that provides users with a safe and expert aid giving a step-by-step guide to finding just the right solution. Combined with a paper document, which is in fact a simple user guide for the application, Bernard Controls has revolutionised assistance in decision making, while conveying the powerful image of an innovative group that rightly deserves its partner status.

ComNext designs the new website for Segula Technologies


Segula Technologies, the International engineering and consultancy group in high-tech innovation wished to give its sites (corporate and international subsidiaries) a dimension and status more in phase with its modern ambitions and strong current growth.

ComNext, the agency chosen by Segula Technologies, who already worked on their print creation strategy, has now done the web design. By incorporating the targets of stronger compliance with regulations and greater accessibility, Segula allows visitors to its website to browse in a clear and innovative environment that conveys its values of proximity.

A large section is also dedicated to the coherence of its subsidiaries which are now more closely linked to and recognised by the Corporate website. We have not ignored the human side, which is at the heart of Segula Technologies strategy, as we have set up intelligent gateways to the social networks. The graphic concept of a woven web that moves yet lends structure, represents the complex network of companies, sectors and technologies in which the Group works.

The general look gives the Group a younger look, the new breath of life it needs to conquer new countries and new markets. The architecture and development side of the project was conducted in partnership with Wharf.