Brain & Breakfast 2, the report



For its 2nd Brain & Breakfast event which took place on 29 November, ComNext covered the subject of the advertising message from the perspective of:

 Media buying: buy smart!


The subject attracted over thirty advertisers from all sectors of our economy, both large corporations and small organisations. This was evidenced by the variety of sectors that were represented in the audience, which included agrifood, cosmetology, non-profit, property, entertainment, IT, culture & heritage, telecoms, car hire and even training.

ComNext presented this conference with the participation of the advertising departments of TF1, Radio Classique, Les Echos/Le Parisien/l’Equipe as well as a customer testimony from Green Acres, an online property advertising website.

The various speakers presented in turn to explain how to access the mainstream media intelligently and cost-effectively:

  • Why and how to communicate in the mainstream media;
  • What are the tips and solutions for standing out on these mediums;
  • How to be smart, take advantage of the best offers and pay less than your competitors.